Get to know us

Cardinals Badminton is a badminton club based out of Clarington, Ontatio, with the sole focus on the development of junior badminton. We not only offer a location for youth to participate in the sport, but we offer experienced coaching for our athletes.

Our mission

Our mission at Cardinals Badminton is to provide exceptional coaching and opportunities for youth in Clarington to discover, learn, and excel in the sport of badminton. Through experienced guidance and personalized instruction, we aim to empower our young players with the skills, confidence, and sportsmanship values necessary for success both on and off the court.

Our vision

At Cardinals Badminton, our vision is to foster a thriving badminton community in Clarington, Ontario by igniting a passion for the sport among youth. We envision a future where every young individual has the opportunity to experience the joy of badminton, develop their skills, and achieve their full potential in a supportive and fun environment.

About myself

Growing up playing badminton from the age of 11, I have always been extremely fond of the sport and have strived to grow the sport within my community, by not only playing, but by coaching and encouraging others to learn the sport.

I was coached in my youth at Harwood Phoenix Badminton, and competed in the COBA (regional) and BON (provincial) circuits. I competed and played within the OCAA Badminton circuit, playing for Fleming College for 3 years. During that time I received coaching from the Peterborough Badminton Club as well as Ridges Badminton. After completing those circuits, I have been coaching youth badminton at local high schools for over a decade, trying to grow the sport within my community and region.

I am passionate about the sport of badminton and wish to pass along that passion to following generations.

Mike G

Coach / Club Founder