Cardinals Club

New to Cardinals Badminton this year, we will be having a second night dedicated to structured play.

Cardinals Club sessions will be 2 hours in length and games will be structured in a way that youth can mix and match the games throughout the night. This will work similar to many adult club formats and will be supervised and structured in a manner so that games will keep moving and youth can have balanced matches.

These sessions will not have coaching, rather it will be supervised play, allowing recreational or competitive players to just play without interruption.

There will be a drop in rate of $5 per session for players wishing to attend without having to commit to the entire season. This can be a great way to introduce friends to the sport. Drop in athletes will need to sign a waiver before they will be able to play.

(Be advised that there will be around 30 sessions for the season)

For any inquiries, please email us in the "Contact" tab.